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Name: Vienna topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Vienna, Austria (48.11791 16.18183 48.32267 16.57751)

Average elevation: 227 m

Minimum elevation: 146 m

Maximum elevation: 631 m

Vienna is located in northeastern Austria, at the easternmost extension of the Alps in the Vienna Basin. The earliest settlement, at the location of today's inner city, was south of the meandering Danube while the city now spans both sides of the river. Elevation ranges from 151 to 542 m (495 to 1,778 ft). The city has a total area of 414.65 square kilometers (160.1 sq mi), making it the largest city in Austria by area.

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Carinthia, Austria

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Austria > Salzburg

Salzburg, 5020, Austria

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Austria > Vorarlberg

Stadt Hohenems, Bezirk Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, 6845, Austria

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Austria > Styria > Bezirk Leoben

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Lower Austria


Lower Austria, Austria

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Gemeinde Sitzenberg-Reidling

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Austria > Styria > Leoben

Moaralm, Leoben, Styria, Austria

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Austria > Tyrol > Sölden

Wildspitze, Sölden, Imst, Tyrol, 6458, Austria

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Lake Neusiedl

Austria > Burgenland > Rust

Lake Neusiedl, Ruster Bucht, Rust, Burgenland, 7071, Austria

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Austria > Tyrol > Vomp

Karwendel, Vomp, Schwaz, Tyrol, Austria

Average elevation: 1,317 m

Verwall Alps

Austria > Vorarlberg > Silbertal

Verwall Alps, Silbertal, Bludenz, Vorarlberg, Austria

Average elevation: 1,957 m

Ankogel Group

Austria > Carinthia > Malta

Ankogel Group, Malta, Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia, 9854, Austria

Average elevation: 1,683 m

Plechý / Plöckenstein

Austria > Upper Austria > Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald

Plechý / Plöckenstein, Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald, Rohrbach, Upper Austria, 4164, Austria

Average elevation: 1,196 m


Austria > Carinthia > Heiligenblut am Großglockner

Großglockner, Heiligenblut am Großglockner, Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia, Austria

Average elevation: 3,128 m

KG Innere Stadt

Austria > Vienna

KG Innere Stadt, Innere Stadt, Vienna, 1010, Austria

Average elevation: 184 m

Niedere Tauern

Austria > Styria > Sölk

Niedere Tauern, Sölk, Gröbming, Liezen, Styria, Austria

Average elevation: 1,207 m


Austria > Lower Austria > Gemeinde Miesenbach

Firnberg, Gemeinde Miesenbach, Bezirk Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, 2761, Austria

Average elevation: 679 m

Ötztal Alps

Austria > Tyrol > Kaunertal

Ötztal Alps, Kaunertal, Landeck, Tyrol, Austria

Average elevation: 2,098 m


Austria > Salzburg > Prägraten am Großvenediger

Großvenediger, Prägraten am Großvenediger, Lienz, Salzburg, Austria

Average elevation: 3,181 m


Austria > Lower Austria > Alt-Prerau

Alt-Prerau, Mistelbach District, Lower Austria, Austria

Average elevation: 182 m