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Name: Dinagat Islands topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Dinagat Islands, Caraga, Philippines (7.59779 123.02518 12.71779 128.14518)

Average elevation: 91 m

Minimum elevation: -2 m

Maximum elevation: 2,797 m

Dinagat Islands is a young island-province at the northern tip of Mindanao. Many describe Dinagat Islands as a hidden gem of the Caraga Region XIII. The Islands are enriched with great bio-diversity, abundant natural wonders and rich resources. Dinagat Islands has a multitude of fascinating white sandy beaches with arrays of colossal rock formations. These sites and attractions are as diverse as the topography of the islands and islets.

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Dinagat Island

Philippines > Dinagat Islands

Dinagat Island, Dinagat Islands, Caraga, Philippines

Average elevation: 29 m

Dinagat Islands

Philippines > Dinagat Islands

Dinagat Islands, Caraga, Philippines

Average elevation: 24 m