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Name: Bizerte topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Bizerte, بوبكر باكير, معتمدية بنزرت الشمالية, Bizerte, 7000, Tunisia (37.11209 9.71086 37.43209 10.03086)

Average elevation: 28 m

Minimum elevation: -6 m

Maximum elevation: 386 m

The bridge leads to the motorway A4 leading to Tunis–Carthage International Airport and the capital. On the town side the P11 passes semi-rural Louata, hugs Ichkeul Lake and branches into a western route, the P7, leading directly to Tabarka on the coast next to the Algerian border. The P11 leads south-west to Béja, a governorate center, in the foothills of the Tell Atlas, forks into several roads at Bou Salem, a small town in a broad fertile plain, and climbs to Firnanah passing two high-altitude lakes and also approaching the north-west border with Algeria.

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