Grand Canyon topographic map

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Name: Grand Canyon topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Grand Canyon, River Trail, Phantom Ranch, Coconino County, Arizona, United States of America (36.09651 -112.09854 36.09661 -112.09844)

Average elevation: 1,018 m

Minimum elevation: 737 m

Maximum elevation: 1,592 m

Uplift associated with mountain formation later moved these sediments thousands of feet upward and created the Colorado Plateau. The higher elevation has also resulted in greater precipitation in the Colorado River drainage area, but not enough to change the Grand Canyon area from being semi-arid. The uplift of the Colorado Plateau is uneven, and the Kaibab Plateau that the Grand Canyon bisects is over one thousand feet (300 m) higher at the North Rim than at the South Rim. Almost all runoff from the North Rim (which also gets more rain and snow) flows toward the Grand Canyon, while much of the runoff on the plateau behind the South Rim flows away from the canyon (following the general tilt). The result is deeper and longer tributary washes and canyons on the north side and shorter and steeper side canyons on the south side.