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Name: Bornholm topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Bornholm, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark (54.98720 14.68076 55.29917 15.15709)

Average elevation: 33 m

Minimum elevation: -2 m

Maximum elevation: 162 m

The island is known as solskinsøen (Sunshine Island) because of its weather and klippeøen (Rock Island) because of its geology, which consists of granite, except along the southern coast. The heat from the summer is stored in the rock formations and the weather is quite warm until October. As a result of the climate, a local variety of the common fig, known as Bornholm's Diamond, can grow locally on the island. The island's topography consists of dramatic rock formations in the north (unlike the rest of Denmark, which is mostly gentle rolling hills) sloping down towards pine and deciduous forests (greatly affected by storms in the 1950s), farmland in the middle and sandy beaches in the south.

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