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Name: Adak topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Adak, Unorganized Borough, Alaska, 99546, United States (51.80081 -176.71310 51.95762 -176.46674)

Average elevation: 136 m

Minimum elevation: -11 m

Maximum elevation: 1,173 m

Because of its naval aviation past, Adak has an unusually large and sophisticated airport for the Aleutian Islands. The airport is currently operated by the State of Alaska Department of Transportation. Complete with an Instrument Landing System, Adak Airport has no control tower and two 200 ft (61 m) wide asphalt paved runways at 19 ft (5.8 m) elevation. One runway measures 7,790 ft (2,370 m) long while the other runway measures 7,605 ft (2,318 m). Alaska Airlines operates twice-weekly Boeing 737 passenger jet service from Anchorage via Cold Bay. At present, flights operate each Wednesday and Saturday, weather permitting. Occasionally, extra seasonal flights are operated to meet the demand of the fishing season.

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