Highland County topographic map

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Name: Highland County topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Highland County, Ohio, USA (39.01846 -83.87217 39.37876 -83.34395)

Average elevation: 305 m

Minimum elevation: 203 m

Maximum elevation: 401 m

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USA > Ohio > Hamilton

Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio, 45013, USA

Average elevation: 210 m

Highland Park

USA > Ohio > Highland Park

Highland Park, Delhi Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, 45238, USA

Average elevation: 229 m


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New Harrisburg

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New Harrisburg, Harrison Township, Carroll County, Ohio, USA

Average elevation: 354 m

Lake Erie

USA > Ohio

Lake Erie, Lake County, Ohio, USA

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Burton Lake

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Burton Lake, Burton Township, Geauga County, Ohio, 44021, USA

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Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio, USA

Average elevation: 243 m

Sherman Island

USA > Ohio

Sherman Island, Perry County, Ohio, 43076, USA

Average elevation: 294 m