Şanlıurfa topographic map

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Name: Şanlıurfa topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Şanlıurfa, Haliliye, Şanlıurfa, Southeastern Anatolia Region, 63100, Turkey (36.99962 38.63193 37.31962 38.95193)

Average elevation: 623 m

Minimum elevation: 387 m

Maximum elevation: 953 m

An important consideration in domestic architecture is mahremiyat, which could roughly be translated into English as "privacy" or "intimacy" but which carries stronger implications. This concept is especially important when it comes to relations between men and women – outside the extended family, interaction between men and women is restricted. As a result, traditional Urfa houses are constructed in ways to prevent men outside from viewing the women of the household. For example, doors facing each other, windows facing the street, and significant differences in roof elevation are all avoided.

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